Digital Forensics

Strong’s Forensics Team’s are proven experts in Digital Forensics & Electronic Discovery.

Global Incident Response & Digital Forensics Team

Our Team of experts come from several different backgrounds including finance, data communications, IT, & much more. Meet the Team and begin to experience the difference with Strong Connexions.

Meet Our Team

Security Information & Event Management

With the ability to detect and respond to events within the network before you even knew they were there.

Digital Forensics

We cover all areas from Network, Firewall, Database, Mobile and more with our Forensics Teams. Our ability to uncover and anlayze electronic data while performing a structured investigation by collecting, identifying and validating the digital information to reconstruct past events.

Incident Response

We’re there when you need us the most whether your proactively retaining our services or your in the middle of an incident we’ve got the people to get the job done right and get your business back on track. We’ll work with you to Plan, Prepare, Detect, Eradicate, Contain, Recover, & provide Post-Incident Analysis & Support.

Security Information & Event Management

We provide real-time analysis of security alerts through our network based appliances and cloud based applications for faster response time, proving critical to the detection and remediation of issues in your business. The ONLY SOLUTION with Full Log, Network, & Endpoint visibility for Small & Enterprise Businesses.

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